Which Questions Should You Ask Before Installing Solar Energy?

It is crucial to ask the right questions before you install solar panels. We want

It is crucial to ask the right questions before you install solar panels. We want you to ask the right questions if you’re contacting several professionals to help you navigate your installation process. These are the most important questions you need to ask contractors before installing solar panels.

Are you licensed?

Contractors must have the appropriate licensing from the state. You could be held responsible for any accidents that occur on your property if you don’t have insurance or licensing. You will be protected if someone climbs up to your roof without insurance or bonding.

Do You Offer a Roof Inspection?

Before solar panel installation can take place, it is important to conduct proper roofing inspections. It is easier to install shingles if your roof has leaks or if you need new ones. An experienced contractor will inspect your roof and recommend where work should be done.

Do You Want to Track Efficiency?

For efficiency, proper tracking must be done. As part of your warranty, contractors will visit your site to assess and adjust the system if it is underperforming.

Are your Installers on-Site?

Many solar installers will subcontract their work to other companies. A company that only uses qualified installers will ensure that your property is maintained by skilled workers. Subcontractors could put you at risk as they may not be covered by insurance or be able to spot trouble signs.

These are the top questions to ask if you’re considering solar panel installation.

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